Submitting Photos
Please send your photos by email to the address below, or by clicking the envelope icon at the bottom of the page. Send images in the highest quality possible, and try to avoid transferring them between devices via third party apps like WhatsApp beforehand as this lowers the quality. ​​​​​​​
Please put in the subject line your child's School, Class and Name.
Please make sure the photo you send is a clear head-to-toe shot with no feet/heads cropped off, objects in the way, or children sitting or leaning on objects as these will look strange when cut out. 
Double check on our Photography Guidelines page if you're unsure.
By submitting your photos it means you grant us permission to use your photos in the class collage.
We may also use the final collages to promote this service and website online, in print or other media but not for any financial gain. If you wish to opt out of this please inform us when submitting your photos.
Please pay by Paypal using the button below. If you don't have a Paypal account, you can click 'Create an Account' where you can enter your card details and address. You can then pay even if you choose not to create an account. You will not receive an automatic payment notification, but if we receive an image and no payment, or a payment we can't link to an image we will get back to you. Otherwise you can presume we have received both.
The payment will be made to Seen It All Before Limited who are the owners of this site.