Frequently asked questions
Here is a list of commonly asked questions we've received. If there is anything you would still like an answer to don't hesitate to get in touch.
Is £10 a fixed price?
Yes, we charge a flat fee of £10 per child for the Class Collage and for this you will receive a digital photo file. It is then up to you to decide where to print your photos, and at what size. This way you have more control over how much you want to spend. If you would like to order a friends collage after this with a smaller group of children, there is an additional charge of £5 per child.

Is it only for end of school?
No, we're happy to offer this service to any classes who would like one of our photo collages. The more smiling faces we can put on peoples walls the better!

Do you  include teachers in the collages?
We sure do, and they're free! If you wish your photo to be an end of year class photo rather than an end of school leavers photo we're happy to include the teachers and assistants at no extra cost.

Can schools order this service?
If schools wish to use our service then we are happy to do this. We can help with how to manage the photo submissions, as well as taking payments, and printing photos if needed. Please get in touch to discuss this.

Do you need to know kids height?
Whilst it would be great to have all the kids in relative proportion, there will always be a variety of angles, poses and cameras used, so there is no simple way to do this. We try and give each child equal prominence on the collage, and use design judgement when doing this. Also, if people follow our guidelines closely it should end in more equal results.

Will photos be printed for us?
No, we think it’s best you can print them yourselves in the size and quantity you want. This can be with high street stores like Boots and Snappy Snaps, or online with companies like Snapfish or Photobox. We may look at partnering with printers in the future to see if they can offer discounted prices for our customers.

Are the collages used for advertising?
When we have created the collages, we would like the option to use them for publicising our service and the website. By showing people examples we can demonstrate what we offer. Any collages we use for this purpose will not contain any names of schools or children. If you wish to opt out of this, please let us know when submitting your photos, otherwise we will presume you are OK with this.

What do you do with personal data/information?
We have to collect the parents or carers and child’s names, and an associated email address for the purpose of creating the collage and sending it back to our customers. We will then hold on to this information for 60 days after delivery in case any people involved wish to order again. After this we will delete it from our database. We will never pass on your information or share it with third parties.

Who owns the copyrights on the photos?
Whoever takes the photo of their child will own the copyright of that photo. But by submitting it to us for use in the collage, you are waiving that copyright as it will become part of another image. We will then own the copyright on the new group image as it will be a unique work we have created. But we will never sell these images or use them for financial gain.

Are these the only background colour options?
We will supply you with 2 files, one on a blue background and one on a multicoloured background. This way you have some choice in what you want to print. If you wish to have another colour, make sure it is agreed between all the parents and carers involved before requesting a change, and we can supply final files in 2 background colours of your choice.

When will we receive the photo?
We will aim to return your collage to you within three weeks of receiving all submitted photographs. If demand is high and this may not be possible we will keep you informed.

How do I pay?
We take payments via Paypal using your Paypal account or card details. If you don't have a Paypal account, on the payment page you can click 'Create an Account' where you fill in the Card Details and Billing Address and submit payment. It is optional to complete the 'Create an Account' section at the bottom.

Do I need to crop the photo?
Please don’t crop the photo or make any alterations yourself. We have professionals who will do this for you! Just make sure you are taking the best photo possible to start with using our guidelines. We also recommend turning off any artificial phone filters such as 'Portrait' mode as this can affect the quality of the photo.

Can kids wear what ever they want?
Absolutely! We know kids always have that favourite set of clothes they want to wear, so now’s the chance! It’s always fun seeing what kids like, you can never tell much when they’re in their school uniforms!

Can kids have their pet/belongings with them on the photo?
If it’s something small they can have in their hands or such like. We don’t want kids having anything too large as it will affect their prominence in the picture, which would be unfair on the other kids.

Do you create a friends group photo?
Whilst we can’t take any suggestions on who goes next to each other in the main collage, we can create a separate collage for friends if you wish. This is an additional cost of £5 per child. 

Can I make changes after you have finished?
Given that we have to manage the expectations of so many people for one image, we can’t accommodate any changes once the work has started. You supply the photos, and we will supply a fun collage similar to what you see in the examples. We’re confident you will be happy!

Who do we contact if we have a problem?
Please contact us via email to get the quickest response.

Can you add a school and  names on the photo?
We always add the school name to the photo, written in the same graffiti style font as the dates. But we will not show these examples online for privacy reasons. We can also add the children's names, but these will be changed if they're demonstrated in publicity material.

Where are we based?
In London, UK.

Are you professionals?
Ben and Sanna are a couple with school age children who came up with this idea in response to the Coronavirus epidemic. Ben has worked as a professional freelance graphic designer in London for 20 years, including with many toy and photography companies including LEGO, Getty Images and Lomography. So this experience was perfectly suited to creating these fun school photos as an alternative to the mainstream offerings. Sanna works in a creative field too, she is a shoemaker but is now learning a lot about admin and Customer Service! This site is owned and operated by Ben's Company 'Seen It All Before Limited'.