In these strange Coronavirus times, our kids are missing out on many things. For some this includes their final school days, and for nearly all, this years school photo. We want to fix that by creating a professionally designed photographic collage of classmates together, having fun and expressing who they really are.​​​​​​​
To do this we empower the parents and carers as photographers, and the kids as models and stylists. Wear what you want, pose how you like, just get a good quality photo that meets our guidelines. Then we’ll create a dynamic collage of the classmates together for you to print and hang on the wall or share with loved ones.
How does it work?
1. Get the class involved
Decide between your class parents and carers who is going to participate. We would love to have the whole class involved but understand it's not always possible to arrange this. Once this is decided, give everyone a deadline to supply images to us to ensure we don't miss any kids out.
2. You take the photos
Next part is to get the photos taken. This is the fun job of the parents or carers who can get the best out of them. Kids should wear what they like, and pose however they feel; the more fun and energy the better! We have a clear set of guidelines for taking the photos. Plain backgrounds and fancy cameras aren't necessary!
3. We get to work
When ready, the adults then email their photos to us and give consent to use them in the collage, and pay an upfront cost of £10 for each child. Please make sure the email states the school, class and child's name. We will then get to work with the supplied images to create an exciting and fun collage of all the classmates together.
4. Finished Files
When we've finished working on your collage, we'll send you a high resolution 12x8 inch photo file which you can print at 12x8 inches (roughly A4) and 6x4 inches (standard photo size) or any other sizes to these proportions. So you won't have any problems finding a frame to fit!
5. Thumbs up
Once you have your picture proudly hanging on the wall, you can then tell all your friends about us, share, like and love us on social media, and start making plans for next years photo! We can also create bespoke greetings cards and other designs with your childs photo if you wish, just get in touch!